AviClear: A Comprehensive Guide to Laser Acne Treatment in Hickory, NC

Did you know that acne affects approximately 85% of people at some point in their lives? For many, finding the right acne treatment can be a long and frustrating process. If you’re among those who have tried various other acne treatments, without success, it’s time to explore a groundbreaking solution: AviClear. In this blog post, we will delve into the revolutionary acne treatment that is transforming the lives of many – AviClear. You will learn about its science, effectiveness, treatment process, cost, and real-life experiences from satisfied patients. Get ready to discover a life-changing solution to your acne problems!

Short Summary

  • AviClear is a revolutionary laser treatment for acne with no side effects and lasting results.
  • AviClear targets sebaceous glands to reduce sebum production, providing an effective alternative to Accutane.
  • Patients report significant, long-term results from AviClear treatments at an affordable cost without insurance coverage.

AviClear: A Revolutionary Acne Solution

AviClear is a cutting-edge laser treatment designed to combat acne by selectively targeting and suppressing the sebaceous glands, and pores and ultimately reducing oil production and improving the appearance of your skin.

Dr. David J. Goldberg, Director of Cosmetic Dermatology and Clinical Research at Schweiger Dermatology Group, believes that AviClear is a groundbreaking, secure, and enduring laser treatment for acne, offering the same results as oral medications without any of the side effects.

Typically, a complete AviClear treatment requires three 30-minute sessions, and the effects can be observed within a few days, lasting up to a year or longer.

The Science Behind AviClear

The secret to AviClear’s success lies in its ability to target the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum – an oily substance that protects and moisturizes the skin. By selectively targeting these oil glands first, AviClear treatments result in the skin producing less serum oil, leading to a decrease in acne breakouts and a gradual healing process.

Not only is AviClear FDA-cleared, but it is also suitable for all skin types and tones, ensuring that everyone can benefit from this revolutionary treatment. Furthermore, AviClear is equipped with AviCoolTM, a cooling feature designed to maintain the skin’s temperature during treatment for optimal patient comfort.

In the following subsections, we will discuss AviClear’s comparison to Accutane and its suitability for hormonal and menopausal acne.

AviClear vs. Accutane

While Accutane is a well-known medication used to treat severe acne, it comes with its fair share of potential side effects. In contrast, AviClear offers similar acne improvement and treatment results without the associated side effects.

AviClear is an FDA-approved laser treatment for mild to severe acne that selectively targets pores and suppresses the sebaceous glands, unlike Accutane, which is an oral medication. Moreover, AviClear can be used in conjunction with Accutane, as it is not known to be incompatible with photo-sensitizing prescription medications.

Thus, AviClear presents itself as a viable alternative or supplement to Accutane for treating acne.

AviClear for Hormonal and Menopausal Acne

Hormonal acne is caused by changes in hormone levels with age, while menopausal acne is a form of hormonal acne that occurs during menopause, typically presenting as deep, tender bumps or cysts around the mouth, chin, and jawline. Treatments for hormonal acne in menopausal women may include topical therapy, oral antibiotics, hormonal therapies, light therapy, and chemical peels.

However, these treatments can result in dryness, redness, and irritation of the skin. To reduce the severity of discomfort during treatment, topical numbing creams and cooling gels can be employed as pain management techniques.

Post-treatment care instructions, such as abstaining from sun exposure, applying sunscreen, and avoiding contact with specific skin care products, should be observed for optimal results.

Treatment Process and Duration

The AviClear treatment process is a breeze, consisting of cleansing, laser application, and the use of cooling technology to maintain the skin’s temperature for safe treatment experience optimal patient comfort throughout. No anesthesia is required, making the procedure even more convenient for patients.

A full face treatment typically takes 30-40 minutes, and it is recommended to have AviClear treatments every four weeks, with a maximum of eight weeks if scheduling an appointment is not possible. With a relatively short treatment time and minimal discomfort, AviClear offers an appealing option for those seeking an effective acne solution.

Candidacy and Contraindications

AviClear is suitable for individuals with mild to severe acne and can be used on all skin types and tones. Those who have tried various treatments without success, or have persistent or severe acne that has not responded to oral medications or topical treatments, may find AviClear an excellent solution for active acne.

AviClear should not be used in certain cases. These include pregnant women, people with skin cancer and those with certain types of rosacea. If you fall within the suitable candidate category and are seeking a treatment to improve or treat your acne, AviClear may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Side Effects and Pain Management

One of the most significant advantages of AviClear is its minimal side effects. Patients may experience mild redness, inflammation, and acne flare-ups that tend to dissipate shortly after the treatment. Additionally, the procedure may cause mild discomfort, but the innovative AviCoolTM cooling technology helps to maintain the skin’s temperature and ensure a more comfortable experience.

Post-treatment, you may experience redness and potential purging. Overall, the side effects and discomfort associated with AviClear are considerably less oil milder compared to other acne treatments on the market.

Results Timeline and Longevity

The timeline for AviClear results can vary, but most patients begin to see noticeable improvement within two weeks of the initial treatment, with continued improvement as the process progresses. 90% of patients showed visible improvement in clinical studies. Additionally, 87% of those same patients saw at least half of their acne clear. Patients with moderate and severe acne were treated for six months. The results showed a 93% reduction in inflammatory acne lesions. This was an impressive finding.

The long-term effects of AviClear are impressive, with acne breakouts becoming shorter, less intense, and more infrequent over time. On average, results will remain visible for 9-12 months, though they may persist up to two years. This long term efficacy and extended duration of results makes AviClear a worthwhile investment for those seeking a long-lasting solution to their acne problems.

Post-Treatment Care and Recommendations

Following your AviClear treatment, it is essential to observe post-treatment care instructions. This includes applying sunblock and avoiding pore-clogging products such as Vaseline or Aquaphor. We recommend using our post treatment collection by Jan Marini.

In addition, it is recommended to utilize LED treatment and Faceware Pro for recovery, further enhancing the results of your AviClear treatment. By adhering to these post-treatment care guidelines, you can ensure the best possible outcome and maintain your newly improved skin.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

AviClear treatment schedule is available at our Hickory, NC office for $3,000 for a typical series of three-monthly treatments. While the cost may seem steep, the long-term efficacy of AviClear may save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for other less effective treatments.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the AviClear laser treatment for acne. However, considering the potential benefits and the lasting results, many acne patients may find AviClear to be a worthwhile investment for clearer, healthier skin.

Allora Med Spa has partnered with Care Credit to offer this treatment with as little as $99 down.


In conclusion, AviClear is a revolutionary acne treatment that offers a novel treatment groundbreaking solution for those who have struggled to find relief from persistent acne. With its novel treatment unique approach to targeting sebaceous glands, FDA-approved status, and suitability for all skin types and tones, AviClear presents an effective alternative to traditional acne treatments.

The minimal side effects, manageable discomfort, and lasting results make AviClear a worthwhile investment for those seeking a solution to their acne problems. Real-life experiences and testimonials from satisfied patients further attest to the life-changing potential of this innovative treatment.

If you’re tired of struggling with acne and are seeking a long-lasting, effective solution, consider AviClear laser treatment. With its revolutionary approach to acne treatment, AviClear may be the answer you’ve been searching for to achieve clear, healthy skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AviClear really work?

Based on best results and on the feedback from patients who have used AviClear laser treatments, it is clear that this technology is highly effective in treating all forms of acne. Most people report experiencing significant improvements in their skin quality after just a few sessions.

What is the AviClear procedure?

AviClear is a safe and effective laser acne treatment that utilizes a 1726nm wavelength to precisely target the sebaceous glands responsible for producing the oily substance that can lead to breakouts.

This prescription-free solution provides long-term results with minimal downtime, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an acne remedy without the use of medication.

What does AviClear treat?

AviClear is a laser that helps clear your skin of mild to severe acne. It is approved by the FDA and specifically targets the root cause of acne, the overactive oil glands in your skin, using a unique wavelength that does not require a prescription for topical or oral medications.

In this way, AviClear can help clear your skin of acne without harsh treatments.

Does AviClear really work?

Based on reviews from users and testimonies from healthcare professionals, it is evident that AviClear is an effective treatment for acne. The proven safety of its contact-cooling technology also means users can take advantage of the benefits of this laser therapy without any risk.

It appears that AviClear really does work.